We aim to establish long lasting beneficial relations by designing silver products for the customer satisfaction.

We take into consideration the effects of 17th, 18th centuries French, English, Russian and Ottoman Silver Arts in our designs.

Additionally we curiously make use of Art-Noveau, Art-Deco, Baroc, Rococo, Louise XV and Louise XVI era, Napoleon III, George II, George III, Victorian, Empire Avangarde design and Gothic Styles in our products.

The workers apply these kinds of hand-work methods on curving, hammering, ajur cutting, reppousse work etc.

The products are divided into two parts as decorative and ornament products.

Today we have been employing art advisors and experts in our workshops to work on research and development in order to bring life old silver arts which have been almost forgotten in the world.

90 % of the products we created are hand-made ones. We emphasize to make both ordinary silver products and also artful products.

Nevertheless, we buy some valuable examples from auction saloons and we make entirely equal types for our customers.

Although we have limited hand made production capacity we have no plan to increase our product capacity by turning our production line into mass production.

Old time methods are applied to produce old style products by our skillful Armenian craftsmen in our workshops.

We have three different workshops and have 6 senior workers, 14 junior workers, and 25 ordinary workers and we use about four tons of silver in a year in our production…